Covid 19 And Health Related Videos

What’s really in the jab, who created it and why did they do it??


Dr. Lee Merritt: The New American Interview
Medical Consent, Bioweapons & mRNA vaccine risks






Dr. Judy Mikovits Unloads with the Truth On Stew Peters’ Show!



Dr. Ardis with Dr. Carrie Madej and Karen Kingston reveal what’s REALLY in the jab!



Dr. Zelenko exposes how Dr Rick Bright’s Very Bad move
sabotaged early Covid treatment killing masses of people



Vaccine Expert Warns Of Covid Vaccination Catastrophe



Dr. David E. Martin – The Cold Hard Facts – This Is A Must Watch Video



A Great Short Film: The Ivermectin Story



The Truth About Covid19 Shots Clearly Told By A Doctor In Layman’s Language



An excellent documentary on the “Pandemic”.. what happened and why it happened

Uninformed Consent Parts 1 And 2


Are our store bought foods (including organic) really safe? The answer will both shock and surprise you!



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