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Covid-19 has turned our country and most of the world upside down, but the fact of the matter is that it’s not as dangerous as we’ve been led to believe, and we’ve been told that the only answer is a vaccine, but the answer couldn’t be further from the truth. God has given us immune systems for a reason, and if we eat right and stay in shape it works. I know because I had Covid in the beginning and all I did was take mega doses of Vitamin C along with D3 and Zinc and I was fine in less than two days.. all because I boosted my body’s natural ability to heal. After that I began to research it and found that President Trump was right in the beginning, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) DOES work, and there are several other remedies that do as well.

Below Are Several Natural And Doctor-Recommended Options For Sars (and other types of illnesses) That Are Taken Orally and can be purchased at most health food stores or online.

For Overall Daily Health
Take Vitamin C, D, And Zinc. These are natural immune system boosters, so if you’re not deficient in them you’re less likely to get sick.

Conservative Amounts:
Vitamin C: 500 mg to 2000 mg
Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU – 4,000 IU
Zinc: No more than 40 mg

The image below clearly shows the importance of how important having a sufficient level of Vitamin D is to preventing death from Covid


The next two images show the importance of having a sufficient level of Zinc is to aiding HCQ, Quercetin and EGCG in healing Covid

This Shows That EGCG Is Even More Effective With a Zinc lonophore Than Quercetin.
(CQ is Chloroquine; HCQ is Hydroxycholorquine.)


For more information on Vitamin D please check out the following link:


Natural Remedies For Covid-19 and other SARS related viruses

Take Quinine or Tonic Water (Which Contains Quinine)With Zinc to Treat.
Quinine is still available online, and tonic water is in supermarkets.

Dr. Eric Nepute explains why this works in this video:

Quercetin– this OTC supplement can be used instead of hydroxychloroquine. Quercetin stops the spread of the virus but isn’t easily absorbed by the cells of the body and zinc helps greatly with that.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has had a 99% success rate of recovery with 1,450 patients , many of whom were high risk and had pre-existing conditions, and he recommends Quercetin and also more recently, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which is also known as Green Tea Extract. For more information on his work please visit his website at and you can download his PDF directly by clicking on this link:

Prevention Protocols:
The Zelenko Protocol for Prevention With Quercetin is 500 mg Quercetin, 1000 mg Vitamin C, and 25 mg Zinc once a day.

For Prevention With Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is 400 mg Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) & 25 mg Zinc once a day.

Treatment Protocols:
For Treatment With Quercetin he uses and recommends 500 mg Quercetin twice a day for 7 days. 1000 mg Vitamin C & 50 mg Zinc once a day for 7 days
500 mg Azithromycin once a day for 5 days.

For Treatment With Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG)
400 mg Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) & 50 mg Zinc once a day for 7 days.
500 mg Azithromycin once a day for 5 days.

Azithromycin, lvermectin, Budesonide, and Dexamethasone.  These require prescriptions, but the prevention protocols don’t.

The charts below shows that Quercetin helps Zinc into the cells, but EGCG is even better. Zinc blocks virus replication.


This PDF has more detailed information on supplements you can take, not only for Covid but for a multitude of Sars related illnesses, including links to reference videos from doctors.
Download it

This PDF explains how Zinc is not only an antiviral, but how it’s efficacy is enhanced when combined with Quercetin, EGCG or by drinking simple Tonic Water from the grocery store because it has Quinine in it.
It can be downloaded

Here’s another PDF with The Zelenco Protocol and an enormous amount of information on Covid with links to videos of interviews with Dr. Zelenco, Dr. Stella Emmanuel and Dr. Peter McCullough and more. It’s a huge repository of information but it’s well worth it. Get it HERE.

This link will take you to a document on Organic Consumers with studies from Dr. Mercola and over a hundred doctors. It’s extremely thorough, and also provides information on which foods have the ingredients to provide what we need to beat Covid and it’s after effects, and if you or someone you know has taken the jab it will show you how to detox from that as well.
Read it HERE.


For more information on the story behind Covid and where it came from along with the global agenda behind it check out our pages The Truth Behind Covid-19 and our Video Page.


*Information on this page courtesy of Chris Yochum from hundreds of hours of research, and the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley. Neither Chris no I are doctors, however we both have used the Zelenco Protocol myself and can attest to the fact that it works.


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